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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Rainy, Foggy Day at Tagaytay

My mom-in-law is on town and asked us (me and my wifey) if we can take her to Tagaytay. Being the good son-in-law (naks!), I promptly obliged. I planned to take her to Taal Vista to see the sights and allow the Monkeyboy (see previous posts) to ride one of the horses there.

But nature had different plans for us... As we enter Tagaytay City, rains started to pour and the fog was as thick as a pea soup! There goes the plan to go horseback riding! We ended up having an early lunch at Cliff House -- Buon Giorno to be exact. We had a rather filling lunch and after that we had crepes at Cafe Breton.

On our way back to Sta. Rosa, Laguna (where we live), the rain stopped!

Oh well...

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