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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Obligatory First Post

subtitle: What's this all about?

I fancy myself as a veteran blogger. I jumped into the blogging "scene" a few years back as an experiment and as of now, I have been involved in a few personal blogs and some group blogs where I mostly write about things I am passionate about -- technology.

These past few days, I've neglected by other blogs... Noypee and Talkin' Tech. Maybe I got a bit burnt out, maybe my work gets a bit out of hand, maybe I just didn't feel like writing at all -- heck, I didn't even do my obligatory monthly article for Mobile Philippines!

I have written two paragraphs but I still haven't really gotten to my point yet. The point of this new blog is, as the title imply, do some sort of a chronicle of my life (if anyone can call it that) so far. What I will write will mostly be what happens in my life, some flashbacks and some thoughts I probably would want my kid to learn about me.

Will I be updating this blog faithfully? I just don't know yet. Will this not overlap my other blogs? Probably (but I'm not betting on it). Will this even survive for a few weeks? I myself don't know

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