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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it time to blog again?

I was an avid blogger but somehow, I got a bit tired of writing on my blog. I stopped blogging at about the same time I stopped writing for Mobile Philippines(m|ph). I probably got tired of it because of the demands of my job. I used to be able to sneak some online and/or offline writings during office hours but as more and more tasks are assigned to me, I find less and less time to write.

This is supposed to be a good thing because I am more productive in my day-job but one thing that has noticeably suffered is that my writing mojo may have started to run out :(

Another reason I stopped blogging and writing for the magazine is that I am only trying to prevent any accidental "leakage" of things I do at work. I am now an Information Security Manager, a far cry from my previous gig as a Tech Support Specialist. As an information security practicitioner, have to be careful with what I disclose on whatever media I use.

Should those things stop me from blogging?

I guess I'm the only one who can answer that...

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