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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are Bloggers Ruining the 'Net?

When I first started blogging, I did it as an experiment, a way to practice my writing skills (because back then I was still quite active at moonlighting as a writer in a local magazine) and to broadcast what I feel to the whole cyberspace. I got to know like-minded people and I loved trolling around blogs, looking for interesting things to read.

But lately I slowly realized that a lot of local "bloggers" (emphasis on the quotes) have become advertorial avenues for stores, restaurants, etc. Case in point: a local telco has launched a new service that will associate a "landline" number to an existing cellphone account. When I googled this service, the first 10 search hits were blogs that "announces" the service and the contents of those announcements are mostly the same -- probably copied word-for-word from the telco's press release. I ended up just calling the telco's call center to get the information I want.

There are still some blogs that are worth reading like MarketManila, Lifehacker, etc. but it seems like the list is becoming shorter and shorter as days go by. I have other rants on how these so-called "bloggers" are ruining cyberspace. I'll probably post it when another wave of inspiration hits me.

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