The daily humdrums of my life, korni-kelled because I have nothing else to do.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Today, I'm marking another milestone in my life... effective midnight last night, I officially entered the big four-0h(my goodness!). I may not look it (I wish! and this is subject to a looong debate), but I surely don't feel like it!

I am not expecting anything big today but still, I'm thankful for what I have...
  • A nice little family -- a wife that I love (and who loves me back) and a terrific kid that I hope to bring up to be a better man than I am
  • A good job -- something I didn't really study for but something I really love doing
  • A small but relevant circle of friends, all of whom I am proud to consider as friends.
  • A chance to have some of my writings published
  • A relatively comfortable life...
So what more can I ask for?

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